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Come one, come all, for this story. Like football, this story goes on for longer than it needs to: it has breakdowns and pauses, it has players who don’t do what you want or need, and its meaning breaks the bounds of simply being just a sport. This story is about football, but it’s not actually about football. It’s about how football is played from the top; how football is a game within a game, a sports game that people play within the game of power, money, and control.

I watch football because I like it, and I like to…

The point of this article is to provide evidence for the claim that we shouldn’t talk about neurodiversity as a fixed and tangible category that does affect some people and doesn’t affect other people. People exist in societies, not just as individuals, but as people who interact with other people. Diversity is a fact, but how it is defined is dependent on societal structures, not the scientific process.

Classification and categorisation is often arbitrary. Meaningful, but arbitrary. Sometimes acknowledging that means that the thing we value loses its value, but it doesn’t always have to mean that. Sometimes things can…

Photo by Dmitry Demidko on Unsplash

I don’t claim to know heaps about Bitcoin, I’m interested in it (hence all the bitcoin news you get), but I know I have a long way to go in terms of really understanding both it and the subculture around it. But look, here’s another take. A take which is simply based on the idea that anything created in society takes on the views and values of that society. For something to become a structure, it is always structured by other structures. You see? Bourdieu is proud.

First, take this fascinating essay on the Rise and fall of the house…


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